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Sea Level Re-Boot

Sea Level Re-Boot

Sea Level Re-Boot


According to IPCC’s calculations, sea levels are expected to rise by 10,3 inches (26 cm) until the year 2050 unless necessary actions are taken against global warming, that’s melting ice sheets and glaciers.

“The climate crisis is very real, but sometimes its’ effects can be hard to visualize. With Sea Level Re-Boot, we both have a way to highlight the very concrete effects of climate change, but also to inspire people to take action”, said Erica Hyttfors, Head of CSR and product development at Tretorn.

Tretorn’s iconic rain boots, labelled “Sea Level Re-Boot”, only made from sustainable and recycled material, they each also have a printed measuring stick indicating how sea levels are expected to rise during the coming decades due to the climate change.


The raw materials used in Sea Level Re-Boot have been carefully selected to minimize environmental impact. Both the outer sole and the upper is made of FSC certified natural rubber, and the lining is recycled polyester. On the inside, the insole is "BLOOM", a material made from the unique algae biomass that is extracted from algal blooms. BLOOM is a new innovation that makes it possible to recycle harmful algal blooms from our oceans in order to create a sustainable material. When harvested and put under heat and pressure it undergoes a plasticization process, making it suitable as a raw material in the Sea Level Re-Boot.

“We constantly go through all the material we use for our products, questioning whether we could exchange one material for something more sustainable. What we’ve learned is that in most parts it’s actually possible to achieve, without compromising with quality and price. It’s a matter of challenging ourselves”, said Erica Hyttfors.

The Sea Level Re-Boot is only the first step in changing how the company’s best-selling product, the rain boots, are designed and manufactured. Beginning with the spring collection of 2022, all Tretorn new rain boots will consist of FSC certified natural rubber and recycled polyester. A big undertaking, but a natural next step in the company’s sustainability platform, called the Eco Essentials Initiative.

Prior to releasing the Sea Level Re-Boot, Tretorn has long used recycled materials to produce their famous clothes.


Behind the initiative is Tretorn together with Sea Life Trust, a charity organization working globally to protect the world’s oceans and the marine life that lives within them. The proceeds from the sales of the Sea Level Re-Boot go directly to the organization’s important work, including the Beluga Whale Sanctuary on Iceland.

The Sea Level Re-Boot are produced in a limited edition of 600 pairs, sold online.