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Fall is in the air. What are your plans for the fall break?

Many kids spend a lot of their time indoor today. So to not forget how fun the outdoors can be, we want to encourage all families to take the opportunity to spend the fall break outdoors together. Take the time to explore and have fun. Let’s go outside!

Let’s Make the Outdoors Fun Again
Cast your mind back to childhood and remember the things that intrigued you and set fire to your imagination. Make sure your child has the right gear and all the tools at their disposal to enjoy the best the outdoors has to offer. Let them use their creativity to bring playtime to life.

Nature can be just outside the door. If you have a backyard, why not provide an area for them to enjoy and use how they will. Forts and treehouses are the stuff of childhood dreams.

It’s always better and more fun together. If you don’t have a backyard, make playdates at local parks and playgrounds. Try to find fun attractions in your local area.

Walking the woods. Set free the young explorer and go out for new adventures. Remember it doesn’t have to be a huge forest to explore, as long as it’s outside in nature.

Wear the right gear. As we say in Sweden, there is no bad weather only bad clothing (I promise it makes much more sense if you say it in Swedish.) If you are dry, warm and happy we promise the outdoors will be much more fun again!